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Incorporated in 1996, Sâkêwêwak has been supporting Indigenous artists in the Regina area for over two decades. All artists need a community of support, and members to engage with in order to succeed. Sâkêwêwak provides this support, giving artists a chance to create, grow, and reach audiences.

Regular programming includes our yearly Story Tellers Festival, our annual residencies, workshops, performances and exibitions. 

If you identify as an Indigenous artist, or you just want to show your support, we encourage you to buy a membership, or submit a donation. We welcome anyone that agrees with our vision and mandate to join our organization as a member


News and Events

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November 27 - January 18, 2019     The Lobby Gallery,    1077 Angus St. Regina

November 27 - January 18, 2019

The Lobby Gallery, 1077 Angus St. Regina


The Tawatina Bridge Project
November 27 - January 18, 2019
The Lobby Gallery, 1077 Angus St. Regina

David Garneau brings us The Tawatina Bridge Project, a public art work scheduled to be installed on the ceiling  of a bridge spanning the North Saskatchewan River in downtown Edmonton in May 2019. This exhibition previews some of some of the more than 400 shaped panel paintings. The paintings have Metis and Papaschase Cree themes, as well depicting the wildlife and plants from the region.

Artists involved include David Garneau, Madhu Kumar, Mackenzie Grad, Carmen Beaton, Cassandra Garneau, B Garneau Ziemann I.

Opening Reception will be December 10th.


Planning for Story Tellers Festival 2019 is now underway! We will soon be taking submissions for our annual members show, mâmawi-âcimowak: They Tell Stories Together. Last years show was seen by over 4000 people! Stay tuned for details!


Call for submissions!

Sâkêwêwak is a multi-disciplinary, non-profit, arts organisation dedicated to the promotion, development and exhibition of Indigenous arts and artists. We are currently accepting proposals for our 2019 to 2021 programming cycle: 

  • Annual Storytellers Festival: Join us in presenting our annual multi-disciplinary Indigenous arts & storytelling schedule presented in various communities throughout the month of February.

  • Visual arts exhibitions: We present Indigenous and collaborative visual arts exhibitions throughout the year at various galleries in Saskatchewan (and beyond!). 

  • We welcome new and regular partners in the community to submit proposals to present workshops, visiting artist talks, residencies, symposia and other community & educational initiatives to benefit new audiences young and old. To better serve our community and Indigenous artists, Sâkêwêwak prioritizes long-term partnerships. 

  • Sâkêwêwak follows CARFAC minimum fee schedule.

Please provide a brief description/proposal, CV, links and samples of your work and if applicable approximate or preferred date(s) of availability. .jpg, .pdf and .doc formats preferred (Windows environment). If you have submitted previously, PLEASE SUBMIT AGAIN!

Send your proposal to Executive Director at sakewewak.submissions@gmail.com. Your information is kept confidential.




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