one + one

December 4, 2010 - Neutral Ground - #203-1856 Scarth Street

Curtain Razors in collaboration with Sâkêwêwak Artists’ Collective, is pleased to present One + One, a deconstruction and exposition of rehearsal, creation, and process coming from a personal reflection on politics, culture, and revolutionary activity within this time, day, and age.

Through a series of structural improvisations we will witness how image and sound pervade and support space, waiting, setting up, rehearsing a moment with a crew and an actress documenting and interviewing while nature flows in and out; all shadowed by the Black Panthers, and Godard's muse Eve Democracy who is based on the Greek character Echo from the Narcissus myth.

One + One is a collaboration between Michele Sereda and Elwood Jimmy. Influenced by Godard’s film Sympathy for the Devil (originally titled One Plus One) the performance was conceived in response to  The Godard Project, a four-month city-wide festival of Godardian research, performances, exhibitions and screenings in celebration of Godard’s 80th birthday.

Presented in partnership with Neutral Ground in conjunction with the Godard Project.

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