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Incorporated in 1996, Sâkêwêwak has been supporting Indigenous artists in the Regina area for over two decades. All artists need a community of support, and members to engage with in order to succeed. Sâkêwêwak provides this support, giving artists a chance to create, grow, and reach audiences.

Regular programming includes our yearly Story Tellers Festival, our annual residencies, workshops, performances and exibitions. 

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Anuhkimoh! Make them dance!


Anuhkimoh means sing, a cue to the drum group to start singing so the dancers begin dancing. Anuhkimoh is an abstract series of paintings to celebrate pow wow and in turn the completion of Larissa’s Bachelor of Indigenous Art degree.  All the works are abstract representations of pow wow dancers and the show aspires to create the atmosphere of a pow wow.  Larissa’s style consists of vibrant colors and flowing lines that describe plants and animals, and echo traditional beadwork.  Integrated into the paintings are traditional art practices of beadwork and leather work giving the exhibition 3-dimensional components.  

Check out this beautiful show at The Lobby Gallery from June 5th - July 15th.

Opening Reception June 5th, 7-9pm



New Age Warriors

Catherine Blackburn's practice is centered on contemporary interpretations of traditional Aboriginal forms. In New Age Warriors, she uses the framework of beading to explore cultural identity, memory, and history. Blackburn will use Perler beads to create seven life-size warrior garments and language medallions. Each outfit is an amalgamation of elements based on traditional female clothing from different nations in Canada, speaking to the diversity of Canada’s Aboriginal women. Although embedded floral and geometric designs will be drawn from traditional imagery, the structure of the garments is futuristic to assert that Aboriginal women’s resiliency is their “new age armour.” The plastic Perler beads are important in this regard. Due to North America's growing consumerism there is an overabundance of plastic waste. By reinventing plastic through garment making, Blackburn comments on the relationship between Aboriginal women and the land in terms of ingenuity and adaptation to environment.

Neutral Ground Artist Run Centre June 15 - August 3 2019.

Opening Reception: June 21, 7-9pm.
Artist Talk: June 22, 3pm.


Call for submissions!

Sâkêwêwak is a multi-disciplinary, non-profit, arts organisation dedicated to the promotion, development and exhibition of Indigenous arts and artists. We are currently accepting proposals for our 2019 to 2021 programming cycle: 

  • Annual Storytellers Festival: Join us in presenting our annual multi-disciplinary Indigenous arts & storytelling schedule presented in various communities throughout the month of February.

  • Visual arts exhibitions: We present Indigenous and collaborative visual arts exhibitions throughout the year at various galleries in Saskatchewan (and beyond!). 

  • We welcome new and regular partners in the community to submit proposals to present workshops, visiting artist talks, residencies, symposia and other community & educational initiatives to benefit new audiences young and old. To better serve our community and Indigenous artists, Sâkêwêwak prioritizes long-term partnerships. 

  • Sâkêwêwak follows CARFAC minimum fee schedule.

Please provide a brief description/proposal, CV, links and samples of your work and if applicable approximate or preferred date(s) of availability. .jpg, .pdf and .doc formats preferred (Windows environment). If you have submitted previously, PLEASE SUBMIT AGAIN!

Send your proposal to Executive Director at sakewewak.submissions@gmail.com. Your information is kept confidential.




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