Founders of Sâkêwêwak

Âhasiw Maskêgon-Iskwêw (1958–2006)

Edward Poitras

Robin Brass

Reona Brass

Sherry Farrell Racette

Beginning - Present

Sâkêwêwak is a Plains Cree word meaning, "they are emerging" or "they are coming into view". During the collective's formative period, the name was chosen to reflect the community's vision for an organization that would support the emergence of new challenges identifying current and historical reference points and exploring contemporary artistic concerns. The Regina Aboriginal arts community first organized in 1991 as Ironbow, which later incorporated as Circle Vision Arts Corporation, an Aboriginal arts service organization provincial in scope. In 1993, with the assistance of Circle Vision, the Regina region organized under the name Sâkêwêwak.  During Sâkêwêwak's early stages, programming focused on professional development. Later, when partnership were initiated, presentation activities (exhibitions, screenings, performances, concert) were organized on a consistent basis. Since incorporating in 1996, Sâkêwêwak has maintained a variety of workshops, guided by our strategic programming cycle. In February 2012, Sâkêwêwak moved into its current facility located at Unit 2C, 1440 Broadway Ave, Regina, SK.